Gossip Hides In The Shadows

070112shadowI heard my friend Rory say, “Gossip hides in the shadows.” Wow. That is so true. I believe when we confront it in love, it can no longer hide.

The key is “in love.” Confrontation shouldn’t be done to expose one person as wrong and another as right but to humbly reveal truth and give opportunity for change. Then, move on with forgiveness.  Done deal. Done talking about it.

Conflict is most often a matter of perspective, not necessarily truth.  When we seek to understand, rather than be understood, love abounds.   

When insecurity rises, gossip does, too.  We feel (sometimes unknowingly) if we can expose someone else or cloud their identity, it will make us look better or give a common cause that binds us with someone.

The only bond we need is love.  That’s more than enough to shed light on the greatness in one another!

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