I Need More…


“I need more toys and playgrounds in my life.” That’s what my friend told me yesterday. I love it! It is so easy to lose the laughter and the pursuit of fun. What part of LIFE says boring? Our experience? The news? The thought of math class? (Sorry, Mr. Baker.) 

My husband, Jeff loves to river raft. Whether swamped with glacial water, stuck in a jetty or just peacefully drifting, he is wide open and having fun.  He is such a great example of the power we have to determine our own atmosphere.  He can be in the darkest circumstance, yet constantly drawing on God, the source of his joy.  The source of his strength.  He refuses to speak negativity.  When thoughts arise, contrary to the life God promises, Jeff speaks the opposite.  He speaks the truth found in the Bible.  Jeff is serious about life, God and people but every room is still his playground!

Life is tough and we get to choose how we walk it out.  What one thing can you do today that will effect your atmosphere?  Is it speaking positive, choosing joy, doing something you love?  Do it.  Determine your atmosphere.

Find your fun today.

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