What I Know, Now


Today on our anniversary, I received 23 roses from my husband, Jeff. I remember when we first got married, we could only afford 1 rose, for several years. Jeff used to say, “One day, you are going to get one rose for every year.” What a sweetheart! This year I was blessed with over two dozen!

Even though twenty-three years is a seemingly short amount of time compared to the very rare silver and gold anniversary couples, I want to share a few things I know, now.

1. I know when clothes are on the floor, they’re dirty and when their on the bed, they’re clean. I grew up a neat freak. After years of frustration with clothes spread about the house, Jeff and I came up with this system. It works great!

2. I know when things don’t go my way, I go over Jeff’s head. May I rephrase that?  I know I must be a praying woman. Ephesians 6 tells us that this life is a spiritual battle, not a flesh and blood battle. I can give my opinion or perspective to Jeff but then I don’t nag…I take it to God. If it is His will, He will surely cause Jeff to see the truth. If it’s not God’s will, then He’s gonna change my heart.  

3.  I know Jeremiah 9:20 says to let the women teach their daughters to pray. I need to be passing on the legacy of prayer.

4. I know to speak to the king in my husband. Whatever man I speak to is the one who will grow. 

5. I know the beauty on the inside is more important than the beauty on the outside. 1 Peter 3:1-7, we are daughters of Sarah. My husband must be able to trust my character. I cannot be easily angered with him. Why? Because the wrath of man does not accomplish the righteousness of God. A woman with strong character is not weak but powerful enough to hold back her strength. For those who’s love has not yet found Christ…1 Peter 3:1 tells us that even if my husband does not serve Christ, my actions will be a witness to him. (Okay, that was totally free!) 

6. I know I cannot deny the outward beauty. Paint the barn! It needs to be taken care of. 

7. I know God is my source, not my husband. Emotionally, there is no one stable enough to fulfill my every need, dry every tear and mend every hurt. That is the job of a supernatural God Who wants to be that person for me. 

8. I know I am my husband’s only legitimate source for intimacy. 1 Corinthians 7: 3-5…read it. I must meet his intimate needs. I am the only person in the world who can meet those needs. If I am not meeting his needs, I am responsible for his temptation…Wow, that’s a doozy!

9. I know my tongue is Jeff’s source of encouragement. I don’t need to tell him what he does wrong. I am not my husband’s judge, God is. There is enough in life to deflate him. If I tear down my husband, I am tearing down what I want. I cannot affirm him enough. Even as I type, I am eating off of his blue plate. Why is it blue? Because he is my champion and I am his biggest fan! 

10. I know we have different gifts but we are equal in person.

11. I know I am not subject to PMS and neither is he subject to its effects!

12.  I know my man loves to have guy time.  I refuse to make him feel guilty for that nor will I pretend it means he loves me less.

13.  I know I have been given this moment and I’m not gonna waste it.  I may not get another, this side of heaven.

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