A Health Turnaround

I see an X-ray image in color, not black and white. This X-ray is of the human body.

Only it’s not a still picture, all the systems are functioning.

It’s like I’m seeing the heart beat in the circulatory system, with veins upon veins, arteries, capillaries supplying blood, the thyroids functioning in the lymph system. Kidneys cleaning, the 5th metatarsal (smallest of 5) with all of its intricacies connected to the pinky toe; all doing their part.

Relying on, supporting and protecting one another.

And the words sink in from the Lord.

If it resonates, allow His words to what they do.

Your body is My masterpiece. Masterfully fashioned by Me, the Master Artist. Your Great Physician.

There are things your body can do that scientists & physicians are only beginning to comprehend.

Right now, your body is functioning in areas, involuntarily. You aren’t thinking about it and it’s functioning.

Trust. Trust.

Trust what you can and cannot see.

I am replacing the doubt in your eyes, with hope and the thoughts of fear with understanding that your body reflects the

great love poured in as you were formed.

Some of you have experienced an already painful and seemingly failing system.

It’s time for a turnaround.

A health turnaround.

A “what is going to happen as I age” turnaround.

I have come to bring life in abundance.

The healing, sustaining, resurrecting power of the cross is not compartmentalized.

It’s healing in all areas.

It’s sustaining and flourishing every age and season.

Release the anxiety and doubt.

Fear about the function of your systems.

You were made in Our image.

Meticulously designed.

Place yourself in My hands.

Some of you need solutions.

As you lean into My love, solutions will find you.

Connections will be revealed.

It’s time for a turnaround.

What has been breaking you down, wearing you thin is being overtaken by My Presence.

Seek Me as I open your eyes to the magnificence of your life structure. Lean into Me as I renew a love and wonder for your frame.

The more you see the magnificence and beauty, the greater peace you will have in your dailies and trust in the One Who made you.

As the days go, so will your strength be.

Use your sword.

Your word.

Lean into My love.

Move your body.

Participate in faith’s action.

This is your season!


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