Cheesy Alert!

As I was reading Psalm 148, I sensed a word for those who have clearly been living in the crosshairs. The entrepreneur and pioneer, this word is for you.

If it resonates, take it and run with it!

These crosshairs were set to destroy, hinder, frustrate, weaken, detour and flat take you, God's people, out and cause you to question your destiny.

The unknown are emerging from the secret place. Having been living in quiet obedience and violently crushing the gates of hell.

Those who have been bullied by darkness are rising with clarity of purpose, healing and confidence.

The case is closed on the falsely accused, abused and unjustly lied about.

The plumb line has been revealed, in your favor. Court is no longer in session.

I declare the accuser, has no evidence and has found himself the convicted and evicted.

Your place of pain has become your place of reign.

(Side note: Sound cheesy?

Cheesy is, at times, how God makes things clear to me.)

The enemy’s plans and strategies have been blotted out and are unreadable.

While the plans and strategies of the Lord last from generation to generation.

They are becoming clearer to you.

I heard Him say, He is raising a people near to Him, UP.


Girding you with strength,

Enduing you with power and respectability among many circles.

He is exalting and expanding, increasing and empowering.

There are solutions He is giving you. There are ideas yet to be birthed, through you and teams around you.

The Lord is and will continue to expand the tent stakes of your mind.

Your thoughts are open to new and to believe for more!

He has given you the mind of Christ to understand His higher ways.

He has prepared your heart to see the new and get excited for it.

Your circles are expanding.

Places and circles where your name has not been known, He is casting light on you. Bringing your name with respect.

Where there has been jealousy and defamation of character, unjust lies, He is bringing celebration.

As Psalm says, they will rejoice when they see you coming because you hope in My word.

For those of you who have had your “head down, working on what is in front of you:”

The success you have seen is about to increase. It’s going to get abundant and excessive


Your crazy wild ideas may have been mocked and misunderstood for a season but these God ideas are coming to fruition.

Proverbs 14:23 says in all a labor there is profit but idle chatter leads only to poverty.

I see you have put your head down and worked.

You have done what has been in front of you.

The Lord has seen your labors.

You will no longer do just what is in front of you to do but

He is now lifting you to assignments and favor and even completed projects that others have labored on.

He is bringing you out of every obscurity and into prominence.

Your Creator is also your Sustainer.

I declare every assignment against you, CANCELLED

and every plan of the enemy BROUGHT TO NOTHING.

I declare a refreshing of the worn out and exhausted. A replenishing of strength, a bubbling up of joy.

I declare a revival within.

"Your place of pain has now become your place of reign."

-Melinda Knight

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