Consider A "God-Tour"

The Lord dropped a picture of a long, freshly painted highway in my heart and I heard these words.

If they resonate, let them do what He alone can.

Staying in your lane or staying the course doesn’t mean it’s straight and unchanging.

It’s laid out, yes.

You are fashioned for it, yes.

You are anointed for it, yes.

I am equipping you for it, yes.

Simon Peter, began as a fisherman, stepped away to follow as a disciple, went back to fisherman and stepped up to build My Kingdom.

This course was not straight, carried many unexpected events and setbacks. It took him to unfamiliar territories and meetings with both evil spirits and new friends.

Highs and lows with miracles along the way.

Rejections and companionship.

Change in your territory, position, passion or otherwise are not reflective of a broken lane or a confused path.

You may have walked through a detour, a broken road or uncharted territory.

Consider a “God-tour” with Me.

Life’s journey, unfolding and building on My promises and walking in My authority.

As I bring good, promise and blessing out of every step.




Yes, it’s all true.

Every bit of My word.

Every jot and tittle.

Have you ever been promised a gift only to have it fall short of your expectations?

That NEVER happens with Me.

A step, chapter or detail may not look or measure up to the anticipated design but it’s not finished.

When the package is opened, the gift fully unwrapped, the outfit worn, the canvas revealed, there is nothing can compare to the fullness and explosion of strength and confidence. The expanding of your capacity for joy and all things good.

The Lord took me to

1 Thessalonians and confirmed:

I am bringing surprise gifts to you of unending help and confidence. I will put a fresh heart in you, invigorate your work and enliven your speech.

It’s time to dust yourself off. The drab walk is about to blossom as a field of wild flowers. That old speech isn’t going to cut it any longer.

The old grind is done.

Paradigms are changing. I am giving you My lenses.

Get ready to see afresh and from the place of belonging, trusting, confidence. I know these are words can seem empty and unattainable, given the pain, false starts and blurred lenses but it’s a new day!

He brought me back to Joseph’s coat of many colors and the many detours, deep rejection and disappointments.

Humbly and boldly, step into My Presence. Submerge. In My word, in conversation with me. Where you not only share but you also listen. Sit without expectation of how I should convey My heart and love towards you.

You may find we blossom into an outrageously incredible partnership!

I won’t rip the bandaid off.

It’s been soaking in the waters or this word, My words.

It’s ready to fall off.

As you come, I am bringing healing.

A salve, a healing balm that not only goes deep into the wounds but also rejuvenates and brings a softening of the skin so it has flexibility.

Skin softening and bouncing back.

This balm brings the “bounce” back into your emotions, your spirit.

A healed heart does not easily pick up nor carry offense.

Allow yourself to shed that weight. It doesn’t belong on this God-tour.

The spring in your step is coming back.

The winds of change have come to clear not clutter, transform not break down.

Those who are open and willing, receive a clean heart and a transformed identity closer and closer to My likeness.

Every hiccup is a set up for success.

Every low is a foundation for immovable heights otherwise unscalable.

I see some as a walnut. Seems an odd analogy but the Lord showed me that the details, vision and passions of your life are surrounded by a hard shell, on every side.

You have been trying so hard not to let “life break you.”

Sometimes, in the breaking, there is a breakout!

Break on Me.

Crack it all up and let My brilliant light and strength pour through those cracks!

Loosen your grip.

I know you have heard that I am not surprised when things go awry or when they go surprisingly amazing.

Do you believe it?

Are you ready to unclench your grip on all things you can control?

Are you ready to work in tandem with My Spirit?

I Am to your advantage.

I Am championing for you as you champion for My Kingdom.

Even before you knew about Me, I was championing for you.

Let’s take this God-tour all the way across the finish line!

Are you ready?

Here’s a have already begun.

You are already on this God-tour.

I just want you to know it, see it, believe it, live it.

I love you.

-Melinda Knight