"Take the microphone away. Cut the power."

I woke from a bad dream.

Now, I know bad dreams aren’t always of God, a warning or even something to take note of. This time, as I began to document the dream, I heard the Lord say,

“What I have to share about this dream is not just for you.”

What the Lord shared brought an instant freedom from years of what I downplayed and now realize was a consuming thought pattern and fear.

I believe if this resonates with you, you will receive a RELEASE.

Let it minister to you.

This is what I heard the Lord say...

I had dreamt about something that has been a small fear or thought in the back of my head, for several years.

Sometimes, we allow tragedy upon others’ stories upon diagnosis’ to stack up in our life and take root.

Even as far as an “I’m just waiting for this to happen to me or what is the report going to say.” As if to find comfort in that.

I heard the word LYING.


False, not merely false but lies from the enemy; reports are being stopped.

Even declarations have been made that are dictating and steering your future. Your steps, Says the Lord. From writing (it could be diagnosis’, reports, etc) to a whisper to a shout, every lie is being toppled as it has stationed itself as a pillar, as a stronghold in your mind.

First an outside source, then a sliver of doubt as it looks into the room is was allowed.

Inconveniently and disrespectfully shoving its way into your life.

Take the microphone away. Cut the power from the source.

It’s time to SHUT DOWN the lies from the enemy.

That stacking of circumstances, thoughts and patterns is done. THIS MOMENT.

You are done with the “what if’s.”

Your anchor is in Christ alone.

No longer are you comforted by a “good report.”

Your comfort comes FIRST from the God of the Angel Armies Who has stationed them around about you!

You don’t need to wait to hear what “they” are going to say or how they will respond before you FIRST know Who’s you are, Who set you FREE or Who’s plans are going to prevail. FIRST!

FIRST, your comfort comes from Jesus, Who bore every sickness, wiped clean every sin, defeated every temptation.

You don’t need to wait until the x-rays come back clear before you know Christ IS your Great Physician, became a curse that you wouldn’t live under one.

FIRST, your Peace comes!

First, your Exceeding Joy comes!

Whatever it is that has been occupying rent free space in your thoughts, ever so slightly or gigantically monumentally…SHUT IT DOWN.

Take the microphone away. Cut the power from the source.

He is your source. FIRST AND LAST.

First, seek Him.

Seek His Kingdom. First.

Above any office, credential, loyalty or anything else. Everything lives, moves and has it’s being in Him. He is exactly Who you need, What you need and When you need.

I pray you find and receive life, protection, peace, health, joy, provision, all that you have need of, right now, in Jesus.

"Take the microphone away. Cut the power source."

- Melinda Knight


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