Disciplined Release!

I see a rope with frayed ends.

I heard a word from the Lord.

If it resonates with you, take it, catch it, allow His words to do what only they can do.

This is what I heard the Lord speak...

You have been hanging on. Holding on for so long.

Holding on to your boundaries.

Holding on to the promises, within your grasp.

Holding on to your seed.

I hear the Lord say I am increasing you.

I am expanding your territory.

Allow the tent stakes of your mind to increase. Allow Me to surpass what you are dreaming and asking for.

Some may find yourself afraid you won’t have what it takes to meet/fill the details of your new territory. The management skills, team, funds, energy, peace to “hold it all together,” the balance to “love well.”

This grip is keeping release and Heaven’s fullness at arms length.

Your hands are weary, stiff, strong from holding on so long, rope burned...

Even as you are reading this, arthritis is being healed, in the physical. Tendinitis healed. Carpal tunnel syndrome is healed and now a previous chapter in your story.

A testimony that, with Me will bring freedom.


It’s time to freely give.

I will be in debt to no man.

It’s time for seed to be planted.

Your harvest is already on its way.

Lift your eyes and see it coming on the waters, coming in the wind, coming in sheaves and bundles.

Watch as it even comes from uncommon sources.

Release your grip on your seed and watch bushels-full, heaps, running over of harvest, flooding your barns.

I see your seed. Your seed. Every good and perfect gift (yes, seed) comes from Me.

You may be disciplined in finances, habits, life.

It’s time to turn a new discipline.

Disciplined Release.

Discipline your mind to speak My word and reject lies.

Discipline your eyes to look above circumstances and look to Me. My word.

Discipline your dreaming to disturb the comfortable control and allow My dreams to flood your hopes.

Bridle your flesh to dream without reservation of a plan and fear of loss.

Without the impossibility of man.

Release your heart to prioritize love.

I see a dam breaking. A pipe bursting.

There is a breaking off of



No, one helping is enough,

What is possible with maximum human effort. Breaking boundaries.

There is a “nevertheless,”

An “as it is in Heaven, so be it unto me and mine”

Exploding in My people. In those who love Me & seek Me.

Just as the earth was void, I spoke the word and all came into existence.


Just as Abraham and Sarah were past child bearing age, I brought about their legacy; more than the stars in the sky and the grains of sand in the sea.


Just as the Virgin Mary was with child by a nevertheless Lord and allowed My Holy Spirit to impregnate her.


I am ready to multiply where the ingredients don’t seem to be in existence.

Super abundance is with Me. Coming to you.

The details aren’t there.

The plans aren’t made because it’s too big to even fathom. You can’t see it yet. You don’t even know what to ask for.

Remember, I formed you for this release.

I have fashioned your days for this release.

You haven’t ruined your chance for this release.

You aren’t too old.

You aren’t too young.

You aren’t too frayed.

Creation is here.

Multiplication is beyond human control.

Life has been conceived.

Super Abundance is here.

I see a rope, frayed at the ends.

Place the rope from your stiff, sore, weary, strengthened, rope burned hands into My hands.

I am expanding your territory.

Lengthening your rope.

Let me take the reigns.

Give Me your “nevertheless,” your “so be it unto me.”

Live with Disciplined Release!


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