Dispatch And Deploy

The Lord dropped this word in my heart.

If it resonates, let it bring what only His words can...

Your weapons of warfare are not “figure it out.”

The "figure it out" is strategy and strategy comes from Me.

Strategy is birthed in the heavens and manifests in the earth.

My strategy is not birthed in the Earth and realized in the heavens.

It doesn’t work that way.

Even evil strategy is not conceived in the Earth.

My strategy does not reveal itself through sleeplessness, worry, agonizing ……

I declare an untwisting from the anguish and releasing of the furrowed brow.

I keep hearing the word: Deluge which means a great flood, a heavy downpour.

The rain is here.

Do you smell it?

I know the smell usually comes after the rain but I am showing you the new before it comes.

Do you smell the rain?

Do you see the new growth?

It’s here, you just haven’t experienced it yet.

“For I will pour out water to quench your thirst and to irrigate your parched fields. And I will pour out My Spirit on your descendants, and My blessing on your children.” Isaiah 44:3

This past season has dehydrated many.

For those who have stayed steady in My word, you are parched. Thirsty.

The deluge is coming.

The deluge doesn’t wait for circumstances to align and doors to open.

The deluge doesn’t pass over one color and flood a different color.

It floods the weak and the strong, the shut up and the wide open.

The deluge floods every crack and crevice.

It removes debris and erodes snags.

It completely saturates and fills reservoirs.

It brings refreshing and movement.

I am making fountains in the dry dessert and rivers in unexpected high lands.

These places that have drained you will now be places of inspiration.

Those places that have been hurdles to climb will be wellsprings of life and rivers that carry you to your destination.

All that you have walked through has caused you to think you have but a well inside.

I am going to show you that you have rivers within.

I have assembled an army from dry bones.

But this army won’t wait in the land of readiness.

This army won’t go round and round the mountain or wilderness.

Your days of wondering what lies ahead and lack of clarity on your next move are finished.

Your days of blurred vision and hopelessness have come to an end.

The days of parched areas and draining relationships are up.

Not only am I raising you up, I am filling you with fresh fire, renewed hope and crystal clear vision.

I am settling you in your land.

I am repositioning and refueling My people.

But this is not a holding pattern.

This is not a time to wait until your “ducks are in a row.”

The days of constantly wiping your lenses and filtering the message to find the truth of My word are finished.

I am purifying My Church.

I am filtering the watered down message meant to draw the world.

What remains, will be solid. Truth.

You are an army and you are ready to go.

The ink is dry.

My strategies have been released in the heavens.

Lean in.

Dispatch and Deploy.


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