For The High Powered

"When I run, I feel God's pleasure." -Eric Liddell

I received a word from the Lord for the high powered, the entrepreneur, the business-minded, the laborer, etc.

You know you and if this word resonates with you, let it minister to, inspire and increase you!

This is what I heard the Lord speak...

Over the next 3 days, the Lord is going to begin a healing process.

For some, it’s already begun and even this last year has brought necessary change with refreshing results.

AND, the Lord wants to complete this restorative process.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself randomly laughing or randomly having tears flow.

After all...

Laughter does good like medicine and Holy Spirit often uses tears to cleanse and heal.

Without minimizing or downplaying

Without minimizing or downplaying the struggle, the maximum effort, the blood, sweat and tears you have poured out, the Lord reminded me that what took a lifetime to break down, the He can and will heal, build up, align, even bring to its intended state, in a moment, a weekend, a season.

Chariots of Fire

The Lord recently reminded me of the movie Chariots of Fire and a couple quotes by Eric Liddell (of whom the movie tells the story).

“We are all missionaries. Wherever we go we either bring people nearer to Christ or we repel them from Christ. God made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure. “

“Many of us are missing something in life because we are after the second best.”

Eric Liddell

I heard the Lord say,

It’s time to feel My pleasure in your every moment.

It’s been a challenging, draining, battle of a season.

Some have felt energized by the challenge. Others have been broken and still more have felt drained.

It is time to feel My pleasure in your every moment.

It’s a new day.

It’s a day not reflective of the outward but inspired by the Heavenward. Just as I am leading My Church into the greatest time of revival they have seen in their lifetime.

I have not forgotten you, also My Church.

You are poised to be catapulted into the greatest revival you have seen in your lifetime.

I’m calling you, the high powered, to a Higher Powered.

Bids, builds, buys, bookings, baking, business, brokering, every aspect of the marketplace. Farm to table, before and beyond.

Foundation to accessory, inception to completion.

I'm calling you to be esteemed, favored, supernaturally graced.

You are called to the nations.

This may be your nation, state, neighborhood, workplace.

This may be abroad.

You know you.

Nations will come to your rising.

Nations will see what I have done.

Nations will come and say, “Surely the Lord is with them.”

I hear the words “Acceleration-best, biggest, brightest in your area.

Broad, wide, open space, open vision.”

I have called you to be the standard in your area.

To advancement.

When you accept this Kingdom calling to the nations, you will stand out as My best, biggest and brightest light.

I’m about to expand your territory.

For some, it’s already begun.

For others, it’s begun in your dreaming.

Still some, I call trepidation to break off, in Jesus’ name.

I see a circuit-like phone system of old. I’m not even sure what they are called.

When the operator answers and connects you.

A party line.

Remember those?

Those were phone lines where more than one person was on and if you picked up your phone, you might be able to hear a conversation some others were having.

Sometimes, you would be on a call and others could disturb your call and jump in the conversation, as I remember it.

You have been on a party line.

There have been other inputs on your line.

Some needed and beneficial and some pointing in a wrong direction.

Convoluting the call, the vision the voice, the message, the brand, the product, the service.

The Lord says, I am washing, flooding with My Presence. Now.

As you look, as you think, as you plan.

You will now be seen by others, in True Light.

In True fashion I have clothed you in.

Royalty, wearing robes of righteousness.

You will be seen as trustworthy, favored.

This is going to be directly reflected in your bottom line.

Establish My Kingdom. Expand My Kingdom. Build My Kingdom.

It’s time to feel My pleasure in every moment.

It’s time for fun, passion, exhilaration, it’s time to do all that is in your heart.

I formed you with this passion.

I have provision, all you need for this passion.

When you walk in the Psalm 23, The Lord is my Shepherd,

"I have everything I need" anointing, the fun abounds!

I AM your Exceeding Joy.

I call every dead weight to be severed, an end to the season of hesitation, a stop to the unwanted draining, a ceasing of false accusations, every blockage removed, hindrances cut and an end to someone else beating you to the bid, the draw, the deal, the idea.

I call restoration in every area of your life . Every area that has sacrificed, I call to flourish and advance at the same rate. This is supernatural and possible with God.

"It’s time to feel My pleasure in every moment."

- Melinda Knight


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