If this word resonates with you, grab ahold of it. Allow it minister to you.

This is what I heard the Lord say...

You need a fresh anointing to prepare you for the year ahead. I am anointing you.

Psalm 23 He anoints my head with oil

The sheep are anointed with oil on their heads so that the snakes can try to bite them but can’t get ahold.

You are anointed with oil. With this slick and thick oil, the enemy will not be able to get ahold of you. I see like MMA fights or the boxing where even the blows won’t be able to land.

Trouble may come but it cannot stay.

It’s not the trouble of 2020 leading you.

It’s My voice. You were made to know My voice. And know My voice, you do!

It's the ROAR!


The Lord’s songs of deliverance over you is producing such release, there is a ROAR emerging!

It’s the release.

It’s the relief.

It’s the freedom.

It’s the clarity.

It’s everything and more.

It’s the ROAR!

In March, the Lord shared with me that this year would be a greenhouse.

You may have thought you were in the dark, in a “hell.”

You may have been hiding in a cave.

You thought you were in a coffin.

Thoughts and imagined realities may have you in a cell.

It's time to come out. Come out of your caves! It's time for praising your God!

I call an emboldening to every soul.

As Paul and Silas praised, I call you to praise!

It wasn’t a quiet praise but a loud, celebratory praise. At midnight. In the dark. In the depth of the prison.

As they did, the Lord began to move mightily! RELEASE!

It’s time for cell doors to open.

It's time for chains to not only break and fall but what once was fettered must come unfettered and untangled.

It’s time for those around you to be RELEASED, too.

Just as the prisoners who were bound and heard Paul and Silas’ songs. Because of the power I have put in your praise.

Prepare for a mighty year-end, year-beginning harvest.

Where are the Davids?

The David’s who have escaped in the cave.

1 Samuel 22. The David’s who are surrounded by negativity, pain.

Surrounded by those in debt, who are in distress, discontented.

The David’s who will pull those whom I call mighty men and women OUT of the cave.

The cave will not be your grave.

It’s time to lead your “tribe” out.

David emerged from the cave and found he had been lied about. You may have been lied about, unjustly accused. In secret, even.

Vengeance is mine.

Let Me give you what you need.

Praise Me and watch the annihilation of the enemy. Watch as they turn on themselves. Watch as they turn in your favor.

Some will find those who left you will want to come back and join forces with you.

Let me anoint you for this next season. This next chapter.

The enemy cannot and will not take hold of you.

Your family, your “tribe.” Call them to safety.

Tap Me in!

This is not a false start!

2 Timothy 2:26; I had a sense of shock as I thought about the sudden jerk & hijack some have experienced.

Trapped by the enemy.

He traps you like an animal is running and steps into a snare - full stride.


No more.

As you are walking the paths of righteousness,

He is lifting you out, untangling you from the snare, from the trap.


I am anointing you with fresh oil.

I am taking you to new places. New places with Me. New places in Me.

I have a sense that when you pursue your love for Him. He is opening and giving you new depths and places in this relationship. Even walls that you have knowingly and unknowingly put up will crumble, melt under His great love for you.

He is inviting you to come enter My rest. My grace. My love. As you seek Me you will find Me. You will find great courage and such strength. You will find strategies, favor, goodness, dreams.

It’s time to dream again. It’s time to dream.

It’s time to dream as Abraham dreamt.

I came to him and called him to lift his eyes and see all that I had put before him.

All that I was going to do through him.

All that was impossible was about to take place, over the course of his life.

I am calling you to dream! Lift your eyes. See what I have placed in front of you, above you. All around you.

It’s not a haphazardly peruse about the earth. It’s specific. It’s broad. It’s bright. It’s clear. It’s beautiful. It’s bigger than you. It’s provided for.

Lift your eyes as you obey and step.

Lift your eyes as I use even what you call flaws.

Lift your eyes as I care for those you hold dearly and think you must lose in order to fulfill the dream.

Lift your eyes as your past pain becomes a place of My great glory.

Lift your eyes as familiar spirits, enemies and wrong relationships have been cut from your life.

Understand, I don’t need a new year to move or circumstances to instigate My miracle season. My mercies are new every morning!

The decibel of his voice far exceeded that of the thunder and waves.

It was the voice of My disciple that woke Me in the boat. The decibel of his voice far exceeded that of the thunder and waves. Far exceeded the darkening of the day.

It’s your voice, your praise. It’s your love. Its your silent teardrop. It’s your cry to Me that far exceeds all other decibels.

I am not here for works.

I’m here for love.

Come. Let me anoint you with a fresh anointing.

Scripture references:

Psalm 138:3 says you have made me bold in my soul.

Psalm 139:14, “I will praise You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made and that my soul knows very

“Indeed, the darkness shall not hide from You, But the night shines as the day; The darkness and the light are both alike to You.”

Psalms 139:12 NKJV

“For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb.”

Psalms 139:13 NKJV

Proverbs 3:26, ““For the LORD will be your confidence, And will keep your foot from being caught.”

Isaiah 60:4,

Genesis 13:4 lift your eyes.

Josh 1:3



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