Fresh Alignment

"The atmosphere is heavy with My suddenly."

My coach once told me that INTEGRITY is when our thoughts, words and actions are in alignment. As I was pondering and praying over this area of my life, I believe the Lord dropped a word into my heart.

If it resonates, let it do what only His words can.

As a bone out of joint, a back out of place or the ball socket of the hip not rotating smoothly hinders movement, produces pain, often takes our primary focus; so too does misalignment of integrity.

To those who have experienced a long waiting period, excruciatingly intense warfare, many bumps in the road, I am bringing integrity back to my people.

A fresh alignment to My voice, to My promises.

As alignment comes, the irritating, debilitating structures will be removed.

The cogs in the wheel will be ground down, pulverized by your repetitive declarations of faith, by your consistent asking, seeking and knocking.

Some are about to experience instant relief.

I am releasing My suddenly in the earth. In My people.

As you align your words with Mine, the outcome is praise and thanksgiving.

The atmosphere becomes heavy with My suddenly.

The plans are calling for My suddenly.

The sudden defeat of the enemy. The sudden coming together of important details.

The sudden chaos brought to the enemy camp.

The sudden blotting out of every assignment against you.

Your joints are calling for My suddenly.

The sudden relief, the sudden removal of the irritant, the evil.

Your bones are calling for My suddenly.

Your finances just hasn’t made sense and the clog will be revealed.

The teams you have been trying to fit together will align with ease. With grace.

Where you have been stopped at every turn, you will see favor. My sudden favor.

Your back is calling on My suddenly.

You have been bending over, stooping lower and lower, with each detail, opposition, unknown, criticism.

I am lifting these heavy burdens from you.

These are the tactics of the enemy. To try to get you to increase your load.

Whether thinking they are deserved, too small for me to carry and/or answer.

You see them as lunchroom brawls rather than for what they are: all out attacks; warfare; an assignment to steal, kill and destroy.

Little by little becomes big by big, stacking the misalignment to grave proportions.

I say grave on purpose.

You were not meant to live in a grave, hide in a cave or roll from ditch to ditch.

Eternal life begins here in earth. NOW.

Life is coming back to your bones!

Release your praise and watch the heavens open and the suddenly release.

It’s not some microwave meal, instant coffee or flash in the pan.

This is eternal, final, thorough and all Me! All us!

Suddenly does not define how long it took to arrive.

Suddenly means NOW. Healed NOW.

Released NOW. In order NOW. Aligned NOW.

Restored NOW. The promised outcome NOW.

Some will look at the suddenly and think it's no big deal.

I know the depth of this suddenly.

I know the rivers of tears shed.

I know the caverns ventured and peaks scaled.

I was up with you, all those sleepless nights and agonizing days.

I caught every fragrant praise and sacrificial declaration.

The atmosphere is heavy with My suddenly.

What took days, years to come is still My suddenly.

My suddenly is sure, eternal and complete. It’s not going to come and go.

My angels have direction. Warring, ministering and doing all I send them to do.

As In Daniel, it took Michael 21 days to get to Daniel because of the opposition.

Stay aligned to My word.

My timing is perfect.

Delay isn’t My denial.

Delay isn’t My hesitancy.

Delay isn’t My forgetfulness or My change of plan.

I’ve not chosen another.

I’ve not got a back-up person or plan.

The answer can drop in your lap, pop in your head, just feel right, reveal itself.

You are asking. You are seeking. You are knocking.

Why rush out of the conversation with Me?

Are afraid of what I’ll say? The answer?

Do you see it as one sided?

Do you not expect Me to answer back or to answer right away?

Won’t you linger?

Won’t you give a listen?

Let him who has ears to hear, hear what I’m saying.

Sheep hear the voice of their shepherd.

You. Hear. My. Voice. You do.

Fresh alignment is here and the atmosphere is heavy with My suddenly.

-Melinda Knight

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