Uninvited or Homesick?

This is a word from the Lord to the isolated, estranged and uninvited. If it resonates, let it unleash the promises of God in your life and do what only He can do!

Are you isolated, estranged, left out...

or are you homesick?

I see an island of Isolation.

The rejection, feelings of unworthiness, loneliness

seem an impossible mote to cross.

He is saying I hear your heart cry. The desperation in your thoughts.

The unshakable

I am shaking all that can be shaken. Everything that is not My Promise is being shaken.

Now. I am making the impassable a welcome mat into My Comfort, My Companionship. I long to talk with you. Walk with you. I long for you to linger long enough in a posture to receive.

I have so much for you.

Don’t just go on about your day, homesick.

The Estranged.

Have you felt it before? Experienced it before? Were you “that one” in relationship and now you’re not?

Time is not an indicator of promises faded, power wained.

Time is not an indicator of My proximity towards you nor does it rob My intimacy with you.

You have experienced it. It’s now time to draw close, take out the dust-covered intercession, requests and ask again.

You have been set up for the collision of Heaven and Earth.

The smack.

The kiss.

It’s not a game of he said she said.

It’s not a game of cat and mouse.

Rise up from the wrestling mat. Wrestling to feel worthy, wrestling with the feelings of it’s too late and far gone. Rise up!

The match is on and I have already orchestrated the final take down. I have defeated the darkness.


Contend as the Victor.

Take captive every thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.

Time is not a conductor of love.

I am.

It’s Current has always been, remains today and always will be.

I always have been, am and always will be madly in love with you. Love has no beginning and is never ending.

It’s time to change your story.

Resist the lies of the enemy and flee in My direction!

I knew you before you were in the womb.

Before your time began.

I loved you.

Before you did wrong.

Before you did right.

Before you showed love.

You thought your highs and lows, the sin, the doubt. The length of time, the wait.

You thought we were separated but we are not.

You are not estranged.

I still know you.

You still know Me.

In fact, you we’re created to know My voice and follow it.

Let go of the fear and trepidation.

Step, jump, run, skip, dance.

Your life has been purchased. Redeemed.

There are no take backs.

You may be experiencing loneliness.

Pause. Turn your heart to Me.

Ask, receive.

Seek, find.

Knock, the door opens.

Don’t just go on about your day, homesick.

To The left out

You’ve been left out. Overlooked.

Uninvited to the lunch table, the press box, the green room. The group chat, the repost, the watch party.

You are the redeemed. You are the remnant.

I, the Lord am stripping the desire for acceptance, the idol of flattery. The premier need to belong which overshadows belonging to Me.

I am replacing them with the ultimate fulfillment, unveiling your True Identity and Value.

Your true longing is for me. As the deer pants for water, so your soul longs after me.

You were designed for Me to fill your longing.

Not food, not likes, not the right invite, party, share.

I am the greatest invitation.

Turn your eyes to Heaven and let Me do the filling.

Let me remove the “audition mentality.”

I am swiftly removing shame, feeling inferior.

I am wiping the slate of the addiction to food, any substance and every action that has found its way into your story.

Let me heal the years of not measuring up.

The play after play of performance.

There’s so much we will do together!

You are the lunch table.

You are the party, the joy.

You hold the greatest Invitation.

Watch as I set you in places to extend the open-invitation to Jesus.

Lift your eyes. The harvest is here.

Shake off the dust.

Take captive every lie.

Don’t just go on about your day, homesick.

This world is not your home. Heaven is your home.

Your shelter is in the shadow of Most High.

I am your Refuge.

You are not subject to the tossing of the winds and waves. Speak up.

Tear down the lies.

Call every weapon of the enemy powerless.

Calm the storm.

Frame your world.

You are homesick.

Frame it.

Seek shelter in My presence, My word. Prayer. Praise.

Wisdom builds her house. Frame it.