Hooves On The Hills

Updated: Apr 30

I hear the sound of hooves on the hills.

The Lord dropped a word in my heart for:

-Those in the waiting.

-Those who have a word and promise of a miracle and don’t see the indicators yet.

-Those who are on the verge of relinquishing ground.

-Those surrounded by people who are challenging My existence, My faithfulness, challenging My power.

If this word resonates with you, let it do what only His words can.

I heard the sound of hooves on the hills and saw dust pluming all around.

This is what the Lord said...

You are in good company. Seen and unseen are with you.

See them now.

Praying and pulling with you.

You are yoked up with heaven’s army.

Don’t stop praying.

You are taking ground. You are taking back and you are advancing My Kingdom.

Keep expecting.

Don’t allow the sense of isolation to creep in.

It’s time to set aside the familiar feeling of rejection and begin to see your praise and your prayers unite with others’.

It’s as the sound of many waters.

The roar for revival is rising as a sweet fragrance to My nostrils.

You call. I answer.

The hooves are a sign of an army with you and the hooves represent the many who are for you. More than are against you.

No one is an only child in My Kingdom.

No one is without in My Kingdom.

Ride like it.

Walk like it.

Praise like it.

Pray like it.

The horse is ready for battle and victory is from Me.

Do it. Keep going.

The Lord reminded me of I Kings and Elijah’s expectation of rain.

I heard Him say

I have spoken to you.

You have My word.

You don’t see it yet.

Pray it in.

You may feel like you are going backwards but I, the Lord am repositioning you.

Elijah, even though you don’t see the rain cloud.

Pray as though the rain is on its way.

Speak as though the miracle has already been formed.

Talk as though the clouds have already convened over you.

Hold your posture as though the rain is falling.

Pray as though the answer has already been released.

Even though you may not yet see the miracle, hold a posture of full expectation.

Don’t stop. Keep going.

I hear the rain.

I hear the rain.

Let it rain.

Bring Your rain.

I hear the sound of the abundance of rain.

Pray, praise and watch the heavens break open and bring the rain.

I have released a drenching, outpouring of My Spirit.

Those who spend time with Me, will experience such a refreshing as they have yet known. A quenching that will keep you desiring more. It’s in your desire that you are filled.

It’s this desire that will bring you into My Presence more often. When we commune, I will bring deeper revelation than you have experienced.

I will confound you with solutions and insights into things that have puzzled you for years. Things that left you numb to the desire for more.

The joy you will experience, when you spend time with Me, will go deep into your soul and bring healing.

I am breaking off the pieces and stiffness of religion that have kept you bound. You will know, intimately know the unreserved and unconfined expanses of My freedom and strength. Because religion hasn’t set you free, it has only “made your wood wet.”

Even wet wood burns.

Don’t stop seeking Me. You will receive from Holy Spirit and burn hotter and hotter.

You won’t be the fuel for the fire.

Let Me, My word do the work in you.

You have those around you who have tried Me. Challenged Me.

As Elijah poured water on the wood, in front of the prophets of Baal and all the people.

I consumed the water-logged, wet wood with fire.

I am fanning the fires of revival which will consume the wet wood in your life.

In their lives.

The areas of challenge.

The areas of doubt.

What has binding will burn.

So let your praise rise as a festival. A holy party.

I see a campfire that starts small and begins to rage.

Your praise is warfare.

Brandishing the enemy.

I see His people with an Insatiable appetite that is only in want of Him.

Burning with an Unquenchable revival fire.

Don’t stop. Do it. Keep going.