It has been tailored for the NOW you.

The other day, the Lord showed me some pictures and began to speak a word. If it resonates, let it inspire, light a fire and do what only His word can do.

This is what I saw and heard...

I saw a gold mine with pockets of gold everywhere.

Veins of gold like those running through a mine.

I looked and saw baskets of gold all around me.

I also saw

instruments lying on the ground, all over.

These are unclaimed gifts and mantles. In waiting.

There is a fresh anointing coming on My musicians.

My worshipers.

Pick up the instruments.

Sing again.

Break into praise.

There is a breaking point.

A point where the shell, the wall, the chains, the dams break.

It all breaks at the sound of rejoicing!

Worship where you are at and watch as in your humility; in your reverence, you will find yourself picking up the mantle I have set for you, in advance.

You will also find yourself in the vein of His glory. Continuous and growing more weighty, more intense.

This vein is meant for the nations. A transfusion for the nations.

Just as Joseph wore a coat of many colors from his father.

You may have experience the promises and the beautiful mantle upon you but now has been stripped from you.

I am redeeming every place, position and circumstance.

The mantle for the now you, the person you have become and grown into through the journey, far exceeds what was stripped from you.

This didn’t fit you before but it has been tailored for the now you.

The baskets of gold; baskets with gifts.

Mantles set for you.

Pick up the mantle that lies unclaimed.

Fully use the gifts.

Abandon the familiar that holds you back.

That doesn’t fit you any longer.

Don’t let a tiny bit go unused.

I am leading you into a greater depth of understanding and communing with Me.

A new depth of hearing My voice. My call to action.

My love.

For some, it’s almost as if it’s a new language only it’s your native language so it will continue to become a part of you naturally.

You will exponentially learn this and with great clarity and precision, we will do great works.

As I lead you, work through you and live in you. I generously give supernatural grace.


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