It Is Time

Here I am. Present. Found. Ready. Willing.

Here. I. Am.

The deeper you seek, the greater you reflect. The longer you ponder, the more you become like.

Look first to Me, ponder, stay a while and I will show Myself strong and in full glory, on your behalf.

I see a grandfather clock.

It’s time. Tick-tock

You are not inhibited, held down or held back by the laws of nature.

You are in this world but not of it.

In fact, the very nature of Heaven is in you.

You are released into the promises of Heaven. The goodness of God.

This goodness is an endless flow.

It never runs out.

You can’t use it up.

You can’t give it all away.

I see almost a dam that has broken and is rushing water.

The rush of Breakthrough.

The explosion of the sun, dawning the morning. Peering over a mountain range.

There has been a breaking through in your life but still, some residue remains.


Hindrance, hesitation is leaving.

As it crests the range, there’s still more.

Ask for it! Call forth on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Are you in it or of it?

It’s now time.

I am removing debris. Pulling up fences, removing roadblocks and kicking the ends out of the ditches.

Time time time.

Spend the currency of your time, in adoration, beholding My glory. Loving Me.

Trusting and releasing cares to me.

Let Me do the heavy lifting.

Fall into My arms, resist the enemy and he must flee.

Resistance training.

In resistance, in falling into Me, you gain strength.

There is no option for darkness but to flee.

No torment, no bullying, no parading or prowling. No lingering, no masquerading or deceit can stay. It all flees. No residue remains.


Free-fall into My arms. I’ll catch you.

No promise I’ve spoken will hit the ground.

I’ll catch you and every dormant and lingering promise you have been lugging around. Seeking to fulfill.

Seek Me and I will

not only catch you but release you into the fulfillment of every promise.

My promises have a full effect, a full measure. They must be satisfied, used, fulfilled.

Fall into Me and not one promise will lay, unfulfilled. -Melinda Knight


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