It's Time To Walk Out of The Wilderness, Leaning

"It's time to walk out of the wilderness, leaning on Your Beloved!"

I see crutches.

The Lord dropped a word in my heart.

If it resonates with you, catch it & allow His words to do what only they can do.

I see crutches.

Many followers of Christ walking around with crutches.

Many followers of Christ walking around with crutches

The Lord reminded me of the passage of scripture where 10 of the 12 spies came back from the Promised Land of Canaan with the report that they were like grasshoppers in their own sight and so they were to the giants.

Do you see yourself with a crutch? Needing a crutch? Using a crutch?

At one time, you may have needed a crutch.

Your journey was hindered, the wind taken out of your sails. Your strength feigned, your heart torn.

You see yourself leaning on a crutch.

The Lords says

I am restoring you.

I am healing you.

Even as you read this,

I see swelling decreasing, fractured bones & ankles healing.

Hip displacement and joint issues are healing. Ligaments and tendons are repairing.

Don’t wait. He is present and He is healing.

He is repairing you who have been walking, having had the vision you were standing on, knocked out from under you. Bouncing from wall to wall, fence to fence, seeking the next step.

Your atmosphere has been convoluted with reports of giants, reports of weakness and inadequacy. Deficiency.

My word will not fail to light your path.

It’s time to change your report; change your perspective from leaning on a crutch to leaning in adoration.

It’s time to not only lean your body weight but your soul weight, your heart weight.

Lean your all in Me

It’s time to know Me as Your Beloved. The object of your affection.

It’s in this intimacy that

you will step into the fullness of healing.

You will understand your protected place as an heir with Christ.

You will see the goodness in the promised.

You will walk with courage in the face of darkness, adversity, giants.

A provision of peace is blowing your way.

Your inheritance is in the name of Jesus. Your inheritance is demolishing every darkness. Every evil.

I Am your portion

I Am your portion.

There is no mountain impassable, no valley too low, no wall unscalable, no wound irreparable, no promise too expensive, no dream too big, no thirst unquenchable and no hunger insatiable.

I Am your portion.

'It’s time to walk out of the wilderness, leaning on Your Beloved.'

- Melinda Knight


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