Legacy Love

I woke after having a dream and word from the Lord.

I dreamt of very strong and skilled hands. Gifted and having just accomplished many awesome victories. Feats.

I woke to the Lord reminding me...

Reminding me of the great legacy of

His love.

His hands reach and heal the sick.

His hands break bread and fish to satisfy hunger and bless with leftovers.

His hands fill empty vessels.

His arms have held the weeping heart.

His outstretched arms took on the sins of this world.

His hands are familiar with death, hell and victory over them.

These same arms are an open invitation without condemnation or shame.

He holds the world and He holds us.

I hear Him say…

“I Legacy Love you” - God

I pray you are so met with His overwhelming love that everything else fades. Every fear, doubt, twisted lie would leave. Let every word from Him rise to the brightness of His light. Let your spirit grow strong and heart reignite. I pray you walk upright, from this place and in the fullness of authority in Whose you are and your place in His kingdom. I pray words of thanksgiving begin to well up from within and the atmosphere where you are clears and continues as His dwelling place.

His presence and evil cannot occupy the same space so I pray healing come, creative and strategic ideas come, every perplexity is unwound and you excel, for His glory!

All my love,

Melinda Knight


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