Let it rip

Last night, I am sitting in the middle of a storm. Thunder and lightning all around.

This is what I hear the Lord say…

Don’t be afraid of loud noises.

Don’t be afraid of the suddenly.

While all around is aiming for quiet, peace, subdued colors,

My voice is a whisper, yes but it’s also in the thunder!

Lightning shoots from My fingertips.

My promises show in an explosion of full color.

I am in the sudden shift.

I am in the sudden alignment.

Some things were not meant for the crockpot.

I am strategically aligning and adjusting because there is a defeat of the enemy upon us that is so huge and large in number that on the other side,

what might seem like disconnection in places, out of shape and form in others will make sense.

You may question the sudden shift, sever or move but that is because you are not seeing the brandishing blow to the enemy happening.

Multiple giants will fall and heads severed so they can never rise again.

There is transformation; a metamorphosis ahead.

One that will make sense of what I am doing now.

So while the war is raging, stay in the “cocoon” of My arms.

What comes out of your mouth is important.

Do not fear anything.

Don’t try to make things look and feel as they always have. Normal.

When the giants have fallen and the spoils are divided and you are repaid seven times what the enemy stole, normal won’t be normal anymore.

You are uncommon. Chosen. A remnant.

You will have a metamorphosis of identity, faith, perspective, victory.

You will see in full color, the explosion of promise.

Promise in full bloom.

Victory in full bloom.

As the rain sounds like a soft tink tink on the window and moves to pounding.

Warfare is not silent.

It’s not quiet.

When it hits, it invades emotions, physical bodies, atmospheres and every natural force.

It’s like the sound waves off of a jet, the rumble of an earthquake or the ripple penetration of a nuclear bomb.

Recognize it for what it is.

A battle.

A battle most often undetected. Unseen.

The enemy wants it undetected so to bring confusion and misleading targets.

But stay in My arms.

Make Me Your shelter.

Remain in My word.

Declare and dance your way through the night.

Yay tho you walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I am with you. My rod and My staff, they comfort you.

I prepare a table before you IN THE MIDST of your enemy.

Let the battle rage.

Let the noise pierce every fiber of nature.

I, the Lion of The Tribe of Judah, Am the Victor.

I am roaring.

Warrior angels have been dispatched to every corner of the earth.

Every hill and valley.

Let the roar commence!

As the noise of many waterfalls, so are the praises of My people.

Continue praising.

Continue dancing the victory dance.

Continue declaring the end from the beginning, middle and finish!

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life.

You will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.


Declare My word.

Lift a your praises!

I don’t mean that you have to shout.

I mean that as My Church raises her voice, the unified sound will command a blessing.

It will command LIFE FOREVERMORE.

As My Church raises her voice, it will be a deafening blow to the enemy.

You are one body.

I hear noise noise noise.

Speak My word.

Declare whatl you know to declare.

Confess words of faith.

Praise like you have never praised before.

Let it rip.

Let your praise wildly rip.

As you do, it will rip down strongholds.

As you do, it will rip open the heavens!

The heavens are heavy with glory, salvations, miracles, suddenly. The heavens are heavy with victory.

Glory glory glory.

Holy holy holy.

Join with the angels proclaiming Holy!

Don’t be alarmed by the noise.

In battle, bullets whizzing by, powder splattering, dirt flying, metal piercing, gasps, all the sounds.

In My warfare, all those sounds are sounds. Evil doesn’t land on you.

I have already declared “Touch not My anointed.”

I declare this day that you are protected.

Psalm 91. Read it. You are protected.

You, My bride will reap the spoils of war.

There is noise in reaping.

You are done tiptoeing in.

In stealth mode.

Put your armor on.

My people take hell by force!

Gather up the spoils, with authority.

Take your home back.

Take your peace back.

Take it all back. Name it. Claim it.

Make your way into My strong arms.

My arms fend off ALL harm.