Let Me Hear It!

“Doubt has tried to steal your weapon.”

I heard a word from the Lord.

If it resonates with you, take it, wield the words and watch the enemy flee.

I saw a pillow.

This is what I heard the Lord speak...

Many have fallen asleep on My word.

If the devil can get you to doubt My word, he can take away your weapon.

The magnitude of the mountain.

The labels others have placed on you.

The missteps and mishaps have ripped the rug out from under your confidence.

The journey of your life may have taken a toll.

I have closed the account.

It’s time for the devil to pay up.

I call your God-confidence to arise.

You have the faith, enough.

You have the authority.


Wake up!

Wake up!

Wake up!

Doubt in My word has attempted to steal your weapon. Your sword.

My word has become a pillow of comfort rather than a weapon of victory.

Pick up your sword!

Pick up your weapon and wield the annihilating blow to the enemy that has been tormenting you.

He’s been prowling, seeking whom he may kill, steal and destroy.

But I say NO MORE!

Wake up!

Release the war cry of NO MORE!

I have come that you would may have life and life overflowing, an excessive abundance.

You MAY have.

It’s before you.

Awaken to Life.

A toll is often a small price, over and over. As you go about your day, it’s just a small tax, a little “requirement” but Life and the excessive abundance of Life leaves NO ROOM for the tiniest of leaks, taxes, obligations, requirements.

Regardless of your journey, you owe the enemy NOTHING.

Not the tiniest of obligations lay upon your head.

There are mountains you have been scaling, climbing a foot only to fall back two.

There are struggles you have been wrestling with.

Wield your sword!

Don’t scale that mountain of despair and pain. Speak to the mountain to move out of the way and into the sea.

Wield your sword!

Let Me hear it!

Sound the war cry. It’s time to awaken.

The lines have been drawn.

You stand on the side of health.

You stand on the side of joy.

You stand on the side of freedom.

You stand on the side of protection.

You stand on the side of courage.

What side are you standing on?

Let Me hear your voice.

Let Me see your sword.

Where are you wielding your sword?

Let me hear it!

I call forth an unraveling, a loosing of the snare, the nets, the tapestry weaved from running potential outcomes and scenarios through your mind.

Wield your sword!

Rip those grave clothes off.

It’s death and that’s not your sentence!

Life in every area is your inheritance.

Sever those ties.

Let Me hear it!

Now. Allow the fresh wind of My Presence, My Spirit to blow clarity into your mind. Decisiveness to your thoughts.

Discernment into your spirit.

You are the head and not the tail.

You are above only and not beneath.

Wake up!

Don’t fall asleep in the middle.

I am about to put on a show on your behalf that will send the enemy seven different directions.

I’m about to pulverize the wall.

I’m about to disintegrate the tumor.

I’m about to aright the imbalance.

I’m about to.

“Wield your sword!

Let Me hear it!”

-Melinda Knight


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