Not My Hill Of Beans, Lord.

The Lord gave me this for those who have been caring for others and at times, at the cost of your own “hill.”

It’s for those with your head down and working hard.

If if resonates, let it begin to heal and activate you in wholeness and with freedom.

I see someone at the bottom of a huge mountain.

Picking up large boulders, setting them aside, one by one.



Like that old phrase

“a mouse eating an elephant one bite at a time.”

You have worked tirelessly, moving someone else’s mountain.

Many someone’s.

Only to leave yours.

In some cases, you have been piling onto the mountain in front of your path.

The hurt you have suffered has caused you to shrink back from your own care, step from your field, to take care of someone else’s.

For some,

In demand.

In busy-ness.

In unknown.

In pain.

You went into hiding and took care of someone else’s.

Some of you have as they say “put your head down” and worked feverishly in your career, on a project or some other venture only to find it’s been shielding you from receiving the fullness God wants to do in and through you.

I’m not asking you to leave the intercession, caring, career, ventures, projects or anything else.

These are not the root.

While you are “minding the gap” in intercession.

While you are called to care for those around you.

While you were born to excel in your field.

I want you to know,

I, the Lord am caring for you.

I see your hesitancy…

An intervention from Me will not hinder, slow or stop the call that is on your life.

In fact,

I am the Accelerator.

I am the Nitrous.

I am the Creativity.

I am the Invention.

I am the Stamina.

I am the All.

It is simultaneously time for you.

It’s time to lift your eyes.

It’s time for your hill.

Not my hill, Lord” is what may have just come to your mind.

It’s time to allow Me to every so tenderly, begin to open and heal.

Stand you upright and strengthen.

Lift your head and anoint your countenance.

It is time to shed the years of tears.

The stun that numbed.

The healing has already begun.

The comfortable pain.

It’s time.

The Lord then showed me a laundry mat. Where we bring our dirty, soiled clothing. Without hesitation, bring every piece of laundry, undergarments, things that you might not want anyone else to see.

I saw the attendants happy to take them all, clean them as new, fold them and give them back. The FREEDOM is exhilarating!

I hear the Lord saying bring it all.

Without reservation. The pieces you hold back, can’t be made new.

I know it is difficult. I know there is fear.

I know you have been hurt before.

I know you have been let down.

I know you have felt unqualified.

I know you have been confused before.

It’s time to take courage.

It’s time to do for yourself what you have been doing for others.

You were not meant to hide in caves.

I am removing the condemnation, the fear, the pride, the false humility, the disappointment from you.

Every reason holding you back, gone. Now.

The FREEDOM that is about to hit your life is unlike you have experienced before.

Greater than the greatest rush.

More complete than the deepest love found on earth.

Don’t overcomplicate it.

Run to Me, walk to Me, sit and open yourself up to Me.

Just let Me love you. Love Me.

I am healing, deeply. Completely.

The Lord then reminded me of Eleazar, the son of Dodo, defending David’s hill of beans (some say hill; some say field).

Everyone fled, as the Philistines attacked. But these 3 mighty men stayed.


Defended a hill of beans that didn’t belong to them and killed the Philistines. They fought so hard and so long that the swords had to be pried from their hands.

It also says that the Lord brought about a GREAT VICTORY.

There is a great victory coming to you!

You have fought long and hard.

You are not drawing back from the front lines of this fight.

You are not slowing the engines and discontinuing the trailblazing.

The Lord is bringing your tribe, your men and women who have got your back.

The Lord is bringing healing and wholeness to your life, in areas you have set aside, covered up, turned your face from.

It’s not just any hill of beans. It’s YOUR hill of beans.

Say, “Yes, my hill, Lord!”

-Melinda Knight