Olives And Baseball Gloves

Updated: Jun 12

I heard a word from the Lord.

If it resonates with you, take it, run with it, allow His words to release healing, ignite and fuel you.

This is what I heard the Lord speak... Pressed.

You feel a Pressing. You have felt pressed. On one, some or all sides.

As an olive is pressed, producing oil, the pressing you have experienced has produced oil.

An anointing oil for healing and light.

This healing will extend beyond the borders of your habitation and the light will extend into the nations.

He took me to 2 Cor. 7:5 which speaks of outside conflicts and inside fears.

I hear the Lord asking...

Let Me bring peace to your insides. Your insides that have been pressed. The enemy has sought to agitate you but I have used this pressing to your benefit. To your advancement.

This is an oil as the widow with the vessels of oil. In 2 Kings 4.

The oil will light your home.

The oil will carry you into tomorrow and through the road ahead.


There is a bright and beautiful path ahead of you.

The world would draw your focus to the pain, insecurity, darkness but the path you are on is

one of advancement, hope, expansion.

One of healing, strengthening, mending.


You have been mending your nets.

Those places that have been overworked, entangled, broken, in need of mending. In need of refreshing.

Well-worn. Well-used. Broken-in.

This oil is the oil of joy. This oil is seeping into areas you have not experienced joy.

I see wrinkles of perplexity, hard work, discipline, focus, pressing and the oil of joy is seeping. In every crack and crevasse.

Replacing the negative effects of hardship.

I see this oil softening wine skins; prepared for wild abandonment in My Spirit and freedom.

I see cracked baseball gloves finding a fresh start with richness of life and experience. Enjoyment.

You will laugh. You will play.

He has turned your mourning into dancing.

He is calling His warriors.


For the Promise.

You were not born for the sideline or to carry the lunch.

You were born for victory.

To go beyond what others thought possible.

I hear Well-Worn Paths and New Territory.


Like the worn stones David bent down and picked up.

Worn stones.

Stones of experience. Stones of character building.

Stones eroded & smoothed on the journey.

It’s time to pick up the stones from your journey and sling them at Goliath, Davids.

Take his sword.

The very thing that has been pressing you, that meant to break you, outwit you and wear you down...pick it up and lob his head off!

Go ahead.

Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you.

Don’t wait for a great message to encourage you.

You David.

You, encourage yourself, in Me.

Love Me.

Seek Me.

Go in My name.

Not with sword and spear but in My name!

My name.

I have given you power of attorney.

Dust off your feet.

Use My name. Advance.

Pull out your old baseball gloves, lamps and vessels. Victory awaits your household, a nation, a people, a household, a business, a generation.