Planks Are Costly!

While in prayer, the Lord showed me a couple of pictures and began to speak.

If it resonates with you, receive His words.

I saw a lion on a mountaintop.

It was large compared to the mountaintop.

This King was roaring. As the roar went out, I saw it clearing the atmosphere.

Demons were holding their ears, shrieking and scattering. The chaos they had been ensuing on others was now their plight.

People in the valley, once hunched over and cringing were now standing upright and looking up to the sunshine.

This is what I heard the Lord say...

I am roaring.

This is a clarion call to arise in authority.

This is a reverberating alarm will scatter, devour and cause the enemy to relinquish.

This is a marching order to stay the course.

This is a summoning of the angel armies to protect, minister to and war on behalf of My people. You.

I then saw a wooden boat.

A row boat.

At the bottom, there are some planks missing.

It should be taking on water...but it’s not.

Much of the currency of your life has been spent laying planks.

Oppositions and agreements have loosened and lifted the very planks holding the boat together.

Planks. Ripped up by fear and doubt.

“Planks are costly,” I hear you say.

“I’m not sure I want to spend the currency of this season shoring up the boat.”

I am inviting you to take your eyes off of the boat.

Throw yourself on Me.

Dive into Truth.

Truth will hold itself together.


Prepare for the other shore.

Trust and love are being restored to you. The goodness you have experienced in this world has been scraps compared to the riches you will experience in Me.

In the coming days, I am revealing agreements made and lies believed.

As I do, you have the power and authority to walk away, close the door to deception and break misaligned agreements.


My Presence, the light within you is enough to dispel the shadows you have been under.

Watch as the cloud of depression is dissipating. Anxiety and the wringing of hands will stop.

Truth will hold itself together.

Live in Me. Walk in Me.

Your vision is going to become increasingly clear. Near and far.

I am clearing the stigmas between you and the shore.

Speaking of the shore.

In Luke, My disciples were in the boat, I calmed the storm and immediately brought the boat to the destination.

I am ready to accelerate you to the shore.

When I am called upon. When I am given place, I bring an acceleration beyond human capability.

You will find yourself in a place so grand, so much greater than you can humanly imagine that you will wonder how did the boat stay afloat, given my limited understanding and sight?

At times trust can be placed more in the boat than Me.

But I have made up the difference.

Your boat won’t sink.

Let the worry go. Don’t look to the details and the circumstances. The reports or the perceptions.

Gaze upon Me. Lean into Me. Settle yourself into My word. Align with Truth.

Peace all around, I declare. I am clearing the air of the chaos.

As you settle into Me. Where the chaos whirling around you would once have taken you up, you will be immovable in Truth.

You will not so much as have a ruffled feather.

Those who wait on Me. Those who find refuge in My Presence; in My word, shall mount up with wings as an eagle.

You will pray from the place of victory.

You will see truth and walk in it.

You will discern falsehood.

Clarity is coming. Clarity is coming to those who spend the currency of time seeking Me.

It’s costly.

It’s powerful.

It’s unconquerable.

No cost compares to your reward in this life and the next.

You will run and not grow weary.

You will walk and not faint.

As you stand up, My Spirit is pouring out.

You will begin to dream again and see visions only I can give.

Visions that will birth nations in revival.

Shall I bring you to the time of labor and not cause delivery?

You will birth what you have been carrying.

To those of you who have felt barren, begin to sing.

I am the God of Life.

There is no death in Me. I am always multiplying, pruning so new life can come.

I am your God of Life.

You have not been without.

You have always been at some stage of life.

I was praying about Jacob who awoke from a night’s sleep and said, surely the presence of the Lord is in this place and I did not know it.

I pray today, that you recognize the Lord’s Presence, where you are. Not only that, I pray you recognize that YOU carry His Presence.

I pray boldness to come upon you to speak His words of life, to pray for the sick that they would recover. I pray you recognize His favor on all you do and recognize His authority given to you, over all darkness, principalities and power over the same.

I pray hope floods you where dryness, doubt, insecurity and abandonment once reigned.

Let the King roar over you!

Give Him access.

Say yes!

-Melinda Knight


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