It's Time To Push Dirt.

"Plow the landscape of your life with love."

I heard a word from the Lord.

If it resonates with you, take it, run with it, allow His words to minister to you. To ignite you.

This is what I heard the Lord speak...

I am dispatching armies of angels. Angel armies over you.

The Lord began to share with me how He has always had victory over darkness. Always.

Light has overcome darkness.

To the degree of darkness, there are still 2/3 more of Heaven’s angels at My dispersal.

To dispose of the darkness.

Darkness has covered the earth, before . This is nothing new for me.

You may have felt surrounded by darkness.

You may have felt muted, masked, intimidated but the time has come.

Darkness cannot surround you any longer.


Rise up as an army of light. My army of light.

More are for you than against you.

Now, I know that it can sometimes seem awkward or maybe uncommon to think we are an army of His light.

He says, you are the light of the world. You.

Rise up with this light.

This light carries Hope.

It carries Joy.

It carries Peace.

Everything good, is carried in this light.

I then heard Him say,

It’s time to push dirt.

It’s time to plow, plant, water, glean.


I hear a call to this same army.

A call for laborers, to pick up your tool. LOVE

Don’t push dirt in another field.

It’s time to plant love, where you are. EVERY. WHERE. YOU. ARE.

Plow the landscape of your life with love.

Water love.

Plant love.

You shall surely reap a great HARVEST OF LOVE.

Look now, lift your eyes.

Above it all.

The harvest is ready.

The harvest is always ready, when you see with eyes of faith.

It’s always at some stage of ready.

Infancy. Conception. Tender. Mature.

The harvest is ready.

It’s ready for you.

It’s ready for who you are.

It’s ready for what you do.

It’s ready for all I have and continue to equip you with.

It’s time for you to be bold.

Be brave.

Be sensitive.

Be the weapon.

Love is also a weapon to dispel darkness.

Remove the shadows.

There is no shadow in light.

There is no shadow in light.

You may feel like you have been hiding in the shadows but you cannot hide from Me.

My Presence is all consuming, everywhere.

You have always been in My plan.

You’ve always been under My caring, loving, watchful eye.

It was so early, I didn’t recognize the Super Bowl was tomorrow but I heard the Lord say…

You are ready to jump in the game.

Off the sidelines.

You are the Harvest, too!

This is your Coach, speaking.

Get off the bench. Your position is open.

I’m positioning you.

You’re positioned for breakthrough.

You’re positioned for greatness.

There is no excuse, tag, label, history, fear, doubt that LOVE cannot & did not conquer.

There is no lack of skill, lack of wisdom, debt, failure, pride, lust that LOVE hasn’t paid in full. Filled the gap.

There is no chain, no wall, no mote, no dam, no shell that LOVE will not bust wide open.

You don’t have to find your game, your spot, your field.

It’s already found you.

Now shout with Me, "PUT ME IN COACH!"

You will find the door open, the connection made, the fire for discipline, the fire for holding your focus on LOVE.

LOVE will cause you to adhere to My call, to get up and pray.

It will cause you to complete that workout.

It will ignite you to build the business.

Carry those grocery bags. Deliver those goods.

Invite the friend.

What’s in your hand? LOVE

What’s in front of you? LOVE

What game are you positioned for? LOVE

My LOVE. My LOVE that covers all, heals all, is unending. You can’t over use, or cause My LOVE to run dry.

It just won’t stop. It just won’t end. It’s in you.

It’s powerful.

Plow the dirt with LOVE.

Plant the seeds of LOVE.

Water with LOVE


"Plow the landscape of your life with love."

- Melinda Knight


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