Ready Or Not, Here I Come

I started receiving multiple white heart emojis.

The Lord uses cheesy things to grab my attention.

So I paused…this is what I heard Him say.

If it resonates, let it do what only His words can.

White hot.

I am burning hearts white hot. Hotter than before. Hotter than the typical red hot.

If you are looking for the typical results of My touch or My Presence, you may not immediately recognize what I am doing.

White heat is hotter than red heat and causes what is burning to shine a brilliant, incandescent light.

You may be looking for signs as usual but I am going beyond these signs. Further.

Straight to the core.

I am even going to the grey matter.

Minds are being healed.

Nervous systems are being healed.

Everything linked to the brain and nervous system. This means healing is coming to everything.

Memories and traumas, PTSD. I am renewing your mind and bringing complete and total healing.

There is a wave of My Presence that overtakes the natural.

I Am present to heal the incurable diseases, too.

Alzheimer’s has been terrorizing and manipulating.

See, hear, taste, touch, smell as My Presence permeates the natural realm.

M.S. has short-circuited the value of life for too long!


Numbed down the fruit of My Spirit.

The wave has already been released!

I have already paid the price, too.

I am unleashing My fury on the enemy.

Enough is enough.

I have heard the cry of My People.

I Am ready and set for this deployment.

As in the day of Pentecost, the wait is over.

I Am sending a mighty wind.

Both a mighty wave and a mighty wind of My Spirit.

I have sent My Spirit to blow out every hindrance.

To ignite revival fires hotter than you have ever seen.

White heat. White hot.

What you experience will never go out.

This white heat will never dull.

This white heat will brand and be such an undeniable illumination in My people.

Those who don’t know Me yet will be swept up in My love.

Eternity is written on the hearts.

It’s time for the fruit to remain!

I have unleashed My Angel Armies to pulverize the darkness, as I bring



The fruit of My Spirit.

It’s time for the fruit to manifest in mighty ways and overtake the natural.










The evidence of My Spirit is about to increase in the Earth.

In My people.

In the atmosphere.

In doctors’ offices.

No sooner will the diagnosis be said and the unleashing of My power, heal.

No sooner will the spirit of fear make a move than My Spirit unleash power, love & sound mind.

Grey matter, the core of My people, white hot revival fires, illumination.

There is too much to sum it up.

All of creation groans. Waits. Praises.

There is no natural defense, offense, prison, sin, principality or darkness that will withstand this wave.

Will you hope in Me?

Will you declare the impossible?

Are you ready?

It’s ok.

Ready or not, here I come.