I heard a word from the Lord.

If it resonates with you, let it do what only His words can.

This is what I heard...

Think for a moment on David, Deborah, Bathsheba, Solomon, Peter, the Centurian, the woman with the issue of blood.

Their life story runs throughout generations. Testimonies of strength, courage, failure, healing, redemption, love.


For one, I gave My Only Son.

Out of love.

Before one could bless Me.

Before one chose to hate or participate in evil. I loved.

I still love.

Your life is of no less and no greater importance than any one who has gone before or one after you.

I love. YOU.

This is not an artificial love.

The devil parades himself like a lion.

“All bark. No bite.”


All prowling. No roar.

This has been an assignment to check you up before you speak up, stand up, and take claim to your birthright. Bringing freedom to others.

He is not THE LION.

THE LION of Judah is My name. Who I am.

The Lamb of God has made way for the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

I roar! My roar is the roar of victory.

Are you ready to roar?!

Its time your roar come from the depths of My love.

I then had a sense of being followed and heard the Lord say...

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you.

Where slander and gossip have followed you. I declare the mouths of the envious and backbiters, shut.

I was given over to the envious so that you would be companion with goodness and mercy.

Coming and going, you are blessed.

Your name, where it has been smeared, is being cleared.

Blessed are you who hunger and thirst.

Blessed are you, meek.

As you lean into My love, you will begin to notice the “air clearing.”

Polluted conversations will stop, waters of bitterness will become fresh.

This will begin to manifest as you experience a settling in your habitation. Your dwelling.

You will sleep in peaceful dwellings.

Many of you will take ownership of the land that you walk.

It will become an inheritance for your children’s children.

The blessings will not stop with you and your fruit will remain.

The Lord then asked me to consider Beersheba.

It is the “land of the last stop” and a “point of beginning,” for many.

It was used to shape some of the most significant lives in the Bible.

With little rainfall, this land relied on wells for water.

Beersheba served as the last stop on the road called “The Way of the Patriarchs.”

It was a point of departure for many...Abraham, Hagar, Jacob, Elijah all experienced life changing encounters with God.

You are coming into deep encounters with Me.

To those who read passages and hear stories of generational blessings, the dying laying hands on and passing their mantles, and feel a sense of loss; deficiency.

To those who feel you lost a loved one too early and those who have blessings in waiting.


You have felt as if you are in the land of delay. The blessings ended with the journey of your ancestors. Or maybe you feel you have no genetical blessing.

You have been relying on wells dug with little to no fresh rain from Heaven.

This day, generational blessings are laid upon your head.

I want you to understand, your lineage extends even to Abraham.

This is the point where you depart from the wilderness, the dry and parched land and season of just enough. Begin again. Begin afresh. Begin in rest. Begin with My strength.

You have said the brook has run dry.

It is at this place you are set for an encounter with Me.

An encounter that will so deeply drench your spirit and soul.

You will encounter the rain AND the wind of My Spirit.

I have said the latter rain will be greater than the former.

My people are in the midst of a fresh storm from Heaven, blown in by My Spirit.

It’s not the end of generational blessing.

It’s the fresh infusion to journey once again. Journey to the place of promise’s fulfillment.

You will encounter what you have only heard of. Some of which, have seemed foreign but know this, that you own this land. You will encounter the fullness.


In scripture:

In Beersheba, the Lord spoke to Jacob in a dream, 4 points

  1. I am God (Gen 46:3)

  2. Do not be afraid to go where I am leading you.

  3. My purposes for you are there, not here.

  4. I will go there with you. (Genesis 46:4)

-Melinda Knight


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