I received a word from the Lord. If it resonates with you, let it do what only His words can.

This is what He said…

You are battle weary, in areas.

In the beginning, you wanted it all back. All that was stolen, you wanted it back.

You have been battling for so long that just the release is now enough.

You are afraid you won’t have the strength to give it another go.

To get back up again. Take another blow. Heed another call.

Answer another email. Temper another conflict.

Receive another report. Encounter another lie.

Endure another symptom.

Experience yet another deficiency.

But this is not reflective of the true state that you are in.

Right where you are, I am NOW strong on your behalf.

You will get up.

You are strengthened.

You will rise again but it is like I have been saying,

this is not a do over, a start over or a set back.

It’s the next step. A level up, an increase.

You have been battling the Leviathan spirit.

After some study, here are just a few attitudes connected to the Leviathan Spirit, you may have experienced in those around you:

An independent attitude.

Dishonoring of authority

Glorifying self

Desire for reputation

Condescending attitudes toward others in the body of Christ.


Critical and condemning attitudes and thoughts

Little time in His presence

Bragging about achievements and revelation

Desiring to be served

Wanting to control others

Use of position of authority or gift to fulfill selfish ambition and vision

The Leviathan Spirit

-wants to distort communication between friends, parents and children and those in ministry with you.

-wants those who minister with you to believe lies about you.

-wants us to put our trust in things rather than intimacy with God.

-wants us to rely on influence with men rather than being in presence of God.

-If we put our trust in the wrong things the spirit will be our best cheerleader.

-Lies, gossip, accusation, criticism, faultfinding, slander are also found.

-If he can’t get you in sin, he will accuse you or even make up a lie against you.

-Promotes self and self-serving agendas.

-Attacks the prophetic

-Also known as the king of pride

-Twists truth

-When in battle with him, the Leviathan Spirit often confuses you.

-Those around you are in competition with you and make all of this your fault

Like crocodile. This spirit gets you in its jaws and thrashes until you are


But I say that today, Leviathan is severed from you.

You have victory, he is severed from you.

I am renewing your strength.

I am putting a renewed spirit in you. Refreshing you.

I am restoring you.

The spoils of war are yours.

Severance pay is yours.

It’s time for severance

There will be no more negotiation of severance.

The enemy cannot negotiate on whether or not and how much he owes you.

Not only are the spoils of war yours, it is time to call in the severance.

The repayment of seven times what was stolen, is yours.

Don’t fold early. Don’t just let the enemy walk away without repaying.

Claim the spoils of war.

When the battle is won, the spoils don’t require another battle to take them up.

When the judgement has been handed down, the repayment is mandatory.

Battlefield after battlefield are left with unclaimed spoils.

Theft after theft have happened with unrecovered goods.

Think it no accident that those in authority are making it normal for the thief to not only steal with no repercussion or pursuit but that the victim is not returned goods in its place. (This is taking place in some of the United States of America.)

He wants to normalize his behavior.

Because Leviathan has been found out. He has been severed. And is throwing his greatest effort in history at a people.

Where the enemy has been severed from your life, leave him no open door or foothold.

Was your health stolen? Call it forth. I am the God Who restores.

Recover all.