The Next

This word is burning so strongly, in my spirit. If it resonates, receive what only His words can do. To the full...

Numbered days.

They matter.

Numbered breaths. They matter.

Every day important.

Every breath imperative to take you to the next.

You are about to step into the next but not without My careful eye on your days.

Not without your lungs acclimated to the new atmosphere.

One of glory. An atmosphere of miracles, elevated faith and accelerated, answered prayer.

I declare a wildfire of faith, the floodgates of heaven - a deluge of blessings and open doors of opportunity with clear welcome mats.

Do you hear that noise?

Don’t let it startle you. Or go ahead…

jump. Let your entire being respond to what I am about to do next.

The curse of lack has been upon My people for too long.

For those with ears to hear, let them hear Me.

I break the back of poverty over you, today.

I Am Jehovah Jireh.

I Am the Lord of the Breakthrough.

I am breaking off, breaking through and breaking out!

Let it shatter!

The divide between the bound & wound-tightly, religious spirit and My freedom, fullness, fire-spreading people is undeniably broad and increasing.

Lean into Me.

Dive into My word.

I am ever interceding for you. For them. For all.

I Am your way forward.

In business, in ministry, in all facets of life…yes, even your sons and daughters are coming home.

You will not “walk on eggshells” in the area of visioneering or dreaming. You will not gingerly mumble a request to Me, Your generous and giving Father.

I take pleasure in your prosperity.

Yes I said that.

Read it again.

The “back of poverty” is broken.

Choose to walk in My victory.

You are bold.

Do you hear the crackle?



Every area. I want you to pause and look at every facet. Call upon Me to open your eyes to every facet and vein in need of My deluge.

When I add, there brings no burden with it so as I said in the beginning of this word, your days matter.

Your breaths matter.

You have been conditioned for the next. The realm of glory.

This is not another start, a re-firing or a second chance.

You have been conditioned for this.

Your capacity has been increased.

Your spiritual VO2max has increased.

You can.

You will.

You are.

You’re called.

You’re equipped.

You’re MINE.

The apple of My eye. I don’t have another.

You are My plan A.

You always have been.

Many forces of darkness have tried to veer your course, ruin your identity, remove your favor but none can and none have!


Not even you.

Not even your self-made prison of man-made protection.

I am getting ready to overwhelm you with My love that even the strongest pain, hurt, fear…the strongest of anything cannot withstand and cannot turn down.

I call you whole. And I don’t say that lightly.

I know the definition.

My definition of whole.

Don’t worry, I’ve been here before and I know what it’s like to be whole, too.

And I am taking you there.

I am taking you to the next.

Every detour has been a step in this direction. Every wrong is covered by My blood and has been worked for your good.

They have screamed loud enough to make deaf the crowd.

They have accused often enough to silence the world.

They have threatened and bullied enough to cower the toughest.

They have shaken all that can be shaken.



Your days.

Your breaths.

You are imperative for the next.

My next.

The test is over.

Your capacity is known by Me and ever increasing.

Step into My arms.

Let Me carry you into The Next.