The Promise is Permanent

The Lord has been marinading a word in my spirit for over a week. I have been waiting for the when, where and who.

I believe it’s NOW. HERE. And US.

Let me share what the Lord began to unfold and if it resonates with you, let it minister to you.

Today, He took me to Hebrews 11 which says Abraham was living in the promised land like a foreigner. He had temporary dwelling places and was waiting on the city which has foundations whose builder and maker is God. (vs.9,10)

He was living in the promised land like a foreigner.

I heard the Lord say, “The Promise is Permanent.”

He reminded me that he had made Abraham the father of many nations before he even had children. I realize this is not anything new but he began to unfold something that stood me up and corrected my vision.

It stood me up and corrected my vision.

Imagine building a nursery in preparation for fulfillment of God’s promise.

Now imagine, 20 years later, running your fingers through the dust of this yet-to-be-used nursery.

Imagine the emptiness.

The longing.

For some, this is raw emotion. This is you. Now.

This was you before you felt done. Spent. Alone.

A promise so large.

You may find yourself in a place of deep regret for ever entertaining the thought of a promise so large as you have.

You tried.

You built.

You led.

You sweat.

You prayed.

You did all you could do.

You may find yourself in a place where you stopped praising Him for the promise and began mourning what was.

I know I have.

Maybe you have been ridiculed for decisions made, in preparation for the promise. Locations changes. Relationship changes.

I’m sure Noah felt pretty alone when he was building the arc…until that first drop grazed his brow.

Have I overstated the point? Sometimes I do that. Sometimes I NEED that.

I hear the Lord say again, “The Promise is Permanent.

It’s time to move from temporarily living the promise to permanently possessing the promise.”

A wonderful woman of prayer shared a verse with me, over 20 years ago and said Holy Spirit would explain it to me, when it was time.

The time is now. And we, the Church. We, the Kingdom of God need this.

The time is now. And we, the Church. We, the Kingdom of God need this.

Praising God was out of season for them.

The scripture is in Psalm and it talks about those who hung their harps on the willow trees. These had been mocked, ridiculed, shamed and they were were mourning what was.

They had hung up their instruments of praise and mourned chose to mourn.

Praising God was out of season for them.

Isaiah 24:15,16 says IN EVERYTHING give thanks.

It is NEVER out of season to give God praise!

I heard a word about rebuilding Solomon's temple in the book of Ezra.

Once the foundation was rebuilt, the young people shouted in rejoicing at the glory of the temple.

The old men mourned what was because the glory didn’t compare to all the enemy had stolen from them.

The mourning and shouts of joy were so loud, they were heard from far away.

But the people couldn’t decipher if it was praise or weeping.

It’s time to stop mourning. This is not what was.

Today. We are walking in the time where the glory of the latter temple will be greater than the former.

It's not a greater people or a greater generation. It's a greater glory.

The GLORY will be greater.

I heard the Lord say, as long as you mourn what was.

As long as you mourn what services looked like, what small groups looked like, what experiences looked like, the way it used to be.

I cannot do what I am about to do, in the earth. In My Church. Through My Church.

It's time to pick up your harps, once again.

Your mourning is preventing your praise.

Your praise has power.

Your praise moves mountains.

Your praise is an indicator of your trust in Me.

Habitate your promise, once again.

Hebrews 11:11, “By faith Sarah herself also received strength to conceive seed and she bore a child when she was past the age, because she judged Him faithful Who had promised.”

If you have been mourning, let me share what the Lord dropped in my spirit.

My people have been waiting on me.

The time is now-

To judge Me faithful.

To receive your strength needed to conceive and bear the promise.

The Promise is Permanent.

"The Promise is Permanent.

The glory of the latter will be greater than the former."

- Melinda Knight


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