To the rejected and misunderstood

I pray this word from the Lord meets you right where you are...

The enemy has tried to have his grip on the very attributes fashioned in you.

Your make-up.

You see, these gifts have been rejected and misunderstood by many.

Many of you have felt alone and without true identity. Without freedom to flourish, feeling as if you are running against the wind. Unprepared and ill-equipped.

These things have held you back.

For some, the enemy has told you that you talk too much. I call you an oracle of My word. Others have been labeled too emotional, I call you empathetic and gifted to intercede.

The enemy strategically releases counterfeit labels that bring humiliation, hesitancy and inadequacy to your purpose.

I declare those removed with no residue.

Sink into the waters of My word. Read, listen, ponder.

You will find the waters of My word break these ties off you and you will run.

I declare a shedding of the shame and humiliation you have carried and the lies told about you.

As you begin to get closer and more vulnerable with Me, you will find yourself in the jet stream of My plan. The slipstream of your final destiny.

One of victory, expansive and unrestrained freedom.

As you look into these waters, you will begin see My reflection.

The attributes will emerge so much deeper than surface labels and attitudes. They are eternal and graced to you. Given.

There will be no hindrance to your race. You will not remember these days nor will you even have a glimpse of these insecurities.

You will laugh at the lies of the enemy because they are so far from truth. You will stand with a secure identity. My protection surrounds you.

My Spirit empowers you.

You will to lift others, who are misunderstood, mistreated and misplaced.

Oh the joy that will spring up in you is indescribable!

I declare every hindrance removed, now. The source of every insecurity uprooted and healed.

Psalm 139, you were masterfully fashioned for your best days!

Keep breathing.

Keep rising.

Keep stepping.

Let’s continue together.


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