Wake The Giant

"It's time for an oil change."

It’s time for an oil change.

I heard the words sleeping giant, in my spirit.

A sleeping giant is one that has great but unrealized or newly emerging power.

I was instantly reminded that the USA was labeled the “sleeping giant,” referring to the response after the Japanese attack on Pear Harbor.

Various accounts say Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto questioned the effectiveness of the attack on Pearl Harbor, saying, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

This is what the Lord spoke. If it resonates with you, let it awaken and do what only His words can.

There is a great and untapped power in My Church.

In many, it has been unrealized.

In those willing to say yes, it is newly emerging.

I have said it before and I say it again, there is such a brandishing happening on the enemy.

He already regrets ever prodding at My Bride.

It’s time for an OIL CHANGE.

I am bringing an oil change.

This fresh oil is the oil needed to bring you thru this final battle.

It’s necessary at your new heights.

This fresh oil is comparable to high octane fuel.

It’s is meant to a resist the “engine knocks” and prods from the enemy, it’s highly efficient and more powerful.

This oil brings unity.

It binds the brokenness and breaks chains.

It heals and delivers.

It protects the atmosphere and settles hearts.

The punches the enemy throws cannot land on this oil.

Evil is uncomfortable around this oil.

Let me tell you now why the enemy operates with regret.

He has seen eternal defeat and has been throwing his full weight in an onslaught for My souls.

Those I gave My life for.

He is attempting to deter and distract My Church.

He is counting on surrender and self-condemnation bringing My Bride to his feet.

BUT I am changing your oil.

You are still here!

There is no amount of throwing in the towel, doubt, selfishness

that can separate you from My love.

You cannot crumble in too many pieces for My love to put you back together again.

Better than before.

There is no depletion beyond my over-saturating replenishing.

I am changing your oil in full view.

In the midst of the enemy.

I have prepared a table for you.

Will you dine with Me?

Will you remember the full work of the cross…VICTORY for you.

In your place?

I am anointing you with fresh oil.

Your cup overflows.

The devil can only stand back and witness your oil change.

He trembles. He regrets.

He’s confused. He’s defeated.

My Church has not fully realized Her power.

Those who choose to dine with Me and rise above the occasion… (let me pause here because when have I EVER stopped at “just enough” for what the occasion called for? I could have filled bellies but there were 12 baskets leftover, I could have stopped at a drop of blood but took flogging and more, the Israelites crossed, with spoils, on dry land and their enemies overtaken.

They could have just been set free.

I brought the best wine to the end of the event.

I Am not the God of could haves, should haves, would haves.

I Am the God of now.

Right now.

Now, those who live above, raise their voice above, their prayers above, their thoughts above, their praise above, will see themselves not as grasshoppers but as giants.

And so you will be.

Awakened from your slumber.

Emerging in newness of power.

Slumber. The devil has sent prod after prod, twisted truth after truth and destroyed dream after dream and pulled the rug out from under you.

You have suffered road rash.

In these places of ROAD RASH, I am taking My salve, My balm and healing your wounds.

You will now walk with STABILITY.

Efficient steps.

Powerful steps.

As Joshua, where your foot steps, I give you.

It’s time to go there in prayer.

It’s time to step there, in prayer.

Ask for it, declare it. Thank Me for it.

Stir yourself up.

Allow yourself to awaken to it.

You and I know that sin is sin.

To the one who has been forgiven much, there is great celebration and freedom.

For some, there has crept in the feeling of “I didn’t do anything big so I’m fine, everything is fine.”

Or maybe it’s just a small weakness or mistake that doesn’t need to take My time.

This mindset has opened the door to a silent war of pokes and prodding, whispers and strife.

An onslaught of fear and evil has masked and muted areas of My people. In some, it has overtaken your peace and numbed your spiritual senses.

The guilt has paralyzed your walk and shame has sent you tossing and turning on your bed. The walls you have erected have deflected reality. Shifted blame. Shut out love and barred the doors to freedom.

Attempting to preserve your identity

It’s time.

It’s time to come to Me.

Unmasked. Uncovered.

Bring it all. Don’t just toughen up and “face it.”

Face Me. Look to Me the author and finisher of your faith. Your identity.

I’m about to complete you in areas you didn’t know possible.

Will you be the ones who remove the finger pointing, deflecting and release authentic love? Will you awaken the sleeping giant?

As you do, households are coming into alignment. You will welcome such an explosion of Holy Spirit power.

The heavens are heavy with miracles.

It’s already begun to rain.

Come to My table, prepared for you, in the midst of your enemy.