Without God you can’t. Without you, He won’t.

Updated: Apr 30

I heard a word from the Lord. If it resonates, let it bring all that you need.

This is what I heard...

He began to remind me of

John 3:16, “For God so loved the world...”

For God so...(pause)...so.

That word SO is packed with meaning.

So loved.

Regardless and without reciprocation.

Before your heartbeat.

Before a victory or a failure.

Before doing evil or good. For God (I) so loved you that I gave My only Son as complete redemption. Obliteration of your sin. Guarantee of eternal life.

There is no other.

There is no other Son.

There is no other you.

No other Son. Undiluted. 100% God. The word. Read it. Focus on it. Eat it. As if no other nutrient will sustain you.

And as you do, the sediment and additives the journey has added to your faith will be removed. These that normalize evil and characterize Me in a skewed light. Gone.

The layers are being removed, the fetters binding you to your past,

binding you to words and labels are breaking.

Curses cannot land. They don’t have anything to adhere to; nothing to bind to.

Unrestrained freedom is what you will find.

Hope in My word is not false hope.

I am for you.

There is no other you.

You are a new creation. Not a revised version of your old self.

There are things no one else can do.

But you can.

You are vital.

You are an original.

A one of a kind.

I did not make another in your mold.


There is no mold.

A mold would say there is a boundary to your greatness.

A mold would say there is a border to your freedom.

Your adventure.

There is not.

A mold would say there is a plan “b” in case you fail.

In Me...

There is no fail.

No plan b.

You are My choice. There is journey and there is growth.

There are new mercies, each morning.

I then saw eyes. What you are gazing on is gazing back at you; sinking (making its way) deep into your soul.

Let Me show you. Let Me turn your eyes from looking at worthless things that I may drench your soul with life.

As you bore deep into My word, gaze upon My affection for you, My faithfulness, deep healing is occurring.

Addictions are breaking off.

There is a transference of beauty for ashes.

Look beyond the cross. Look to Me. Jesus.

I am the author and the finisher of your faith. You hear that so often yet you need to hear it again.

I am the author and the finisher of your faith.

I began to speak the name, Yeshua. This name means to rescue.

To deliver.

The Lord said I am here to rescue. The day of deliverance is at hand.

It’s now.

It’s here.

I am delivering you from addictions, familiar apprehension.

There is a rescue and a plan that you have been hoping for.

In your greatest days, you have only experienced a glimpse of the restoration I have for you.

The restoration of humankind.

My people.

Turn your eyes toward Me as I walk you out and into a broad space.

Without God (Me) you can’t.

Without you, I won’t. -Melinda Knight


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