You Carry My Victory

I saw a picture of a coach in the locker room at half-time. Yelling, screaming and throwing a fit and the Lord drop a word in my spirit.

If it resonates with you, let it minister to you.

This is what I heard....

I’m not a coach who humiliates, growls or yanks you around

to get my point across. I don’t shame, condemn or say “I told you so,” to teach a lesson.

I won’t take you out at the knees.

Instead, I’m calling you to deliberately bring yourself to your knees.

Meaning pray.

Have a conversation with Me.

Whether on your knees, standing, sitting or any other posture.

While walking, resting, swimming and at every point in your day.

It’s in this place, a deep immersion will take place.

Look for it.

Expect it, over the next 7 days.

And it’s not just in this isolated time-frame; this immersion will continue both day and night.

Encouraging. Strengthening. Healing.

Bridging and flooding the crevices.

There are crevices yet to be filled. Those things you have been unsure of experiencing with Me, you will experience and that will fill the crevices. It’s not going to be difficult. You will experience them with ease; much grace.

I am a coach who honors and protects so rest in that.

He reminded me of what is called a Myers Push or Myers Cocktail.

Essentially, it’s a mega dose of vitamins that goes directly into your bloodstream and bypasses the stomach and kidneys, and directly to the body.

I am a gentleman. I don’t force, prod or finagle My way in.

If you let Me…

Get ready to experience a dose of My power, My love.

A dose of Me that will bypass the head, the flesh, the inhibitions, the history, rejections and doubt and go straight to the core.

And the very essence of you.

Your core. Straight to the heart. Your heart. Straight to the issues of life. Your life.

To the ones who have endured long and difficult paths.

You are on the final mile.

It feels like a marathon that doesn’t end with points of release, feeling like a mirage.

But the battle is toughest before the breakthrough.

Well done.

You have shown perseverance.

We are going to pause here a moment.


Because I said well done and a million thoughts came to your mind.

Thoughts like, “I didn’t say something right. I failed there. I didn’t measure up. I was too loud, too soft, too quick, not quick enough. I jumped and I should have tiptoed. I quit and backed out too early. I stayed too long.”

And on and on and on.

I know them all. Every thought. Every secret. Every detail.

The only thing I see is the victory of My Son.

Did you know that I said well done, before you began the race?

I chose you.

I was smiling over you. I am smiling over you. I will forever be smiling over you.

The latter of your days is going to be greater than the former.

There are more victories ahead than all the battles behind.

The enemy can’t outwit or outrun you and your authority in Me.

You are tired of competing.


I’ve called you to run the race.

Not compete.

When you take on this world without Me, you are competing against Me.

Not running with ME.

There is no competition for My affection nor the victory.

You already have My heart.

You already carry My victory.

Don’t downplay it with your words, head- hanging or defeat.

Carry it well.

The familiar chastising and calls to “make it happen” apart from grace will tickle the ear and provide directions or a recipe but

I am releasing My people from that pressure-cooker.

There is an order in My Kingdom and the more freedom My Spirit is given to move, lead and work through you, the greater the harvest, the fruit and capacity you will have.

You carry My victory.

-Melinda Knight


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