Your Get Up Will Empower Their Comeback

Be Salty

As I sat in an area that had lost all its power, the Lord dropped a word in my heart.

If it resonates, let it do what only His words can.

This is what I heard…

I get it.

You have been taking care of others for years, some of you for your entire life.

You have put others above yourself.

Above your welfare, passions/hobbies and your own happiness.

I get it.

For the love of you, I gave My life.

I’m going to show you that in your loving, I’ve not meant for you to lose your self-love, your health, passions or happiness.

I’m about to restore, refresh, restrengthen, reinvent and reconnect you to the source.

Read on and return to the makings of your powerful testimony-of-a-life.

Hear Me…

There are people watching you and you don’t even know them.

There are others watching you and you don’t see them.

Your get up will empower their come back.

Have you experienced a dark and stormy night that leaves the city dark…without power? When it comes back on, the power can surge or trickle.

Building by building. Street light by street light.

That’s what I’m doing in My Church.

There are pockets of explosive power, surging the lights on and there are places that light, one by one.

Either way, the source is Me.

Whether sudden or a trickle, the source is from Me.

You are a carrier of light.

The word of your testimony (your get up) and the power of the cross is empowering their come back.

Their freedom.

Their new life.

What was once dead is going to be made alive.

What has been bound, is going to break free with such a force that their breath will come back with a gasp.

There will be leaping as at the Gate Beautiful.

When the miracle happens, leaping and praising God are released.

The miracles that bring even the most reserved and refined to a roar of release, shout of excitement and jump out of their ailment.

Even the most wildly adventuresome, will be brought to a Selah moment; unable to do anything but pause with tears streaming down.

Now back to you loving others.

You will experience Me, in your loving.

In your grit and selflessness, make sure you look up, look ahead and allow My Presence to permeate and strengthen you.

Even in My moments of depletion and emptiness on earth, I found strength, ALL of My power and authority came from My Heavenly Father.

So go ahead.


Live your testimony.

Be Salty.

Your love, your care, your “get up and go,” your savor comes from Me and remains salty through your connection to Me and alignment with My word.

Your worth is not in how you love, how much you endure or how good you are at it.

Your worth is in the cost of My sacrifice.


I value you enough to have given My life.

I deemed you worthy and valued before you took a breath, before you were formed.

You see, you have always been the reason and the apple of My eye.

So today, just look up.

Open your heart enough for Me to fill it.

Whether it’s an explosion or a trickle, the light is already burning.

Just open up.

And don’t give up.

Watch your light start a wildfire across My Kingdom.

For My Kingdom.

Your get up will empower their comeback!

- Melinda Knight


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